Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Make Fabric Yo~Yo's

I found a cool little Yo-Yo maker today at Hobbie Lobbie.
 It makes perfect fabric Yo-Yo's and it's super easy...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Kid In Me...

So while surfing the Etsy pages I was inspired by all the beautiful and colorful items other sellers are creating for kids. I decided to share my favorites here! Here are ten things that make me wish I were a kid again!

Rainbow Felted Mini Soap ~ These beautiful felted eco-friendly soaps
come in scrumptious sents like Lavender, Cucumber, Sandalwood,
and Almond. They make me smile just looking at them!

Tutu Fairy Dress ~ This fairytale dress makes me wish I was still
three feet tall. It was created with inspirations of peacocks.
What could be better than tons of tulle and ribbon!

Bean Bag Friends ~ These super cute bean bag pals are perfect
for playing toss, or just to carry with you! Made of cotton and bamboo
fabrics they come in fun shapes like hearts, mushrooms, and clouds.

Mini Crayon Roll ~ Perfect for the blooming artist! This crayon
caddy is supper cute it has me wanting to buy some crayolas!
Polka-dot on one side, cheeta print on the other.

Colorful Tree Wall Decal ~ Fun and funky tree wall decal, reminds
me of fun in the sun! You can pic the colors for the tree swirls,
making each tree uniquely yours.

Fruity Rock Candy Soap ~ Sweet watermellon sented soaps
that look like real rock candy in six glistening colors!
They look good enough to eat, literally!

Pastel Marshmellow Bracelet ~ Lovely little marshmellow bracelet,
each complete with smiling faces. Perfect to remind
you of the sweeter things in life!

Vintage Style Party Dress ~ Who wouldn't feel like a princess
in this adorable dress! I love the vintage feel and the playful
fabric patterns are simply spectacular...

Heart I Spy Game ~ An I Spy game as cute as it is fun! These felt
"bean bags" are filled with little hidden trinkets to find.
A greatgame for the kid in all of us!

Sweetie Button Headband ~ Beautiful fabric headband with sweet
button accents. Stripes, polka-dots, and a vintage little girl,
oh my!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Beginning...

HI! This is my very first post! I spent the afternoon retaking pictures of my onesies outside to get better lighting and backgrounds. My wonderful husband stood out in the blistering Texas sun to help me. :) Last night I made 8 new onesie designs. I got some great vintage car designs from ToddDesign on You can check out more of her playful graphics to use for clip art in cards, scrapbooks, and other crafts! Here is the link to her shop ToddDesign.