Friday, April 1, 2011

All There Is...

 An Etsy shop with style, flare, and personality! My amazing friend
Deidra Casto, from WV, created a shop on where she sells
flowers hair clips, earrings, purses and knit wear. She started making her
lovely pieces for herself and then for others after requests came pooring
 in. She opened her Etsy shop All There Is this past December
where she specializes in accessories and can do custom orders.

Her inspirations come from the fabrics and materials she uses.
Deidra recycles (upcyles) clothes and jewelry as well as uses other
scrap material to create her designs. From Mustache Clutch's to
Button Earrings her cute degins are sure to turn heads! She wants
her products to be accessible to everyone from newborns to
grandma's. There's something for everyone!

Her advise for other Etsy sellers, "Promote yourself on Twitter,
Facebook, and blogs. Be personal. Also, don't get discouraged
when things are slow. I've only made a few sales, but I'm still
 happy to have my creations on Etsy so that I can show
others how I express myself."

Check out her Facebook Page and follow her on Twitter: AllThereIsShop.
She also makes great tutorials like How to make a Boutique Hair Bow!
Deidra is a wonderful seller with an amazing store! She adds new items
all the time so be sure to add her to your favorites!

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  1. Thanks for including my shop in your blog Megan!